Friday, November 28, 2014

Return to Sunnydale

Nothing was left but a huge crater. A canyon they called Sunnydale Canyon. The
township of Sunnydale was gone.

Thirteen days passed and then the trucks
came. And the workers. A foundation was laid at the bottom of the

Thirteen months passed and the new facility was almost done. The new
lab was creating hundreds of jobs even before it opened.

Police were
concerned about the alarming reports of bat, wolf, and Racoon attacks. And
workers were plagued by flies and mosquitoes.

The Raccoons were going through
the garbage every night and soon the workers were calling the plant Raccoon city.
The name stuck.
There were record high accident rates and mysterious
disappearances. Some workers were torn apart at night by wolves.

The first
buildings in the city were designed to be underground to conserve energy and
protect the people from bad weather.

Once the underground city was complete
the canyon was filled with dirt to keep the city cooler.

The Umbrella
Corporation was one of the most successful companies in the industry. They drew
many people to Raccoon city.
Now any city with a lot of people is going to
have some demons and vampires among other things.

I met Mic and Gabe in
a club in Santa Monica called The Asylum. Seemed an appropriate name as it was
full of vampires.
The elder vamps wanted to explore the ruins of Sunnydale
and take what treasure was left behind. Seeing as I had nothing planned for the
next hundred years or so I thought what the hell and went along.

The new
city was growing fast above ground. People were moving in and starting new lives
unaware that the town there before them had disappeared into a gateway to Hell.

The only way
to get to the ruins now was through a magic portal in the sewers. Place smelled like bloody hell.

Michael had
compelled a demon to lead us to the city. The entrance was well hidden but the
demon knew where it was. Small chap name of L'Tiangle. I like to call 'im T. T
was a greedy lil prat so we had to watch 'im and our wallets closely.

T led us to tbe location of the portal where he had cast the spell and used the command word to open the portal. Gabe went in first.....

The houses and shops had been pillaged by demons til there was almost
nothing left. Also the place was crawling with vamps during the night who were hiding from
the sunlight by day.

Sunny d had become the city of the undead i thought. And
about that time a vamp attacked T and tried to bleed him dry. Mic drew his sword
and beheaded the beast.
Mic and his friends weren't your average demons.
They were elder demons and high up on the food chain; most demons knew better
than to mess with them. Stupid bugger, I thought as I passed by the vamp, who
was turning to dust.
Someone had turned the lights on and the street was lit up like bloody Christmas.

As we passed the
Magic Box I heard a scream and a huge man eating bunny rabbit ran out of the
building as a fire ball hit it and burnt its fur. A vengeance demon came to the
door to throw another fireball but the bunny was gone around the corner. It was
Anyanka. "DAMNED BUNNIES" She said. " I hate rabbits"
Anya looked at me and

"Hi Spike" she hugged me.
 "An youre alive."
"Well, they gave me a choice.
Vengeance demon or the bunny cage. and I hate bunnies."
"And now i know why luv," I told her. I looked for the eight foot bunny but it was gone.
"O it will come back. They always come back. dam rabbit. What you doing here Spike?"

"Looking for buried treasure" I told her.
"Oh, you're a pirate now."
T looked in the door of the magic shop.
"What are you doing?" An asked him
closing the door.
"That's T. He led us here."
"I see. Well pleased to
meet you mister. . . T" An smiled.
"God its been thirteen years now. How the bloody hell are you luv?"
"busy busy busy you know. Vengeance never
rests." she smiled and looked at the door. I come back here to use the safe
sometimes you know."

"You in town for long luv?" I asked.
"I have a lot of business in the middle east but I will be back soon." she smiled.
"K well I will see you then"
An went inside and closed the door as we continued
towards the bank. A man screamed in agony from inside the shop.

It was good to see a familiar face again, but I almost felt sorry for the poor bugger
in the shop. What kind of agony was she putting him through I wondered?
A couple of blocks later we came to the richest building in town, the Sunnydale
Bank. It was not surprising that it was surrounded by goblins. They love
treasure you know.
A couple of them charged us, but Michael compelled them to
defend us and soon half the army was killing the other half for us. I hardly had
to lift my sword...

Once the fight was over, we left our bodyguards
outside and strolled inside the bank. Sitting on a golden throne in front of the
vault was none other than Mammon himself. Demon of Greed and god of the greedy.
I chuckled to myself as I recalled encountering him before and dubbing him
Mammorys as his body fat count was terribly high and he had a large set of man
boobs on him.
"Get out," Mammon growled at us and sent his bodyguards
toward us. The large hulking Fyarl daemons came towards us and Mic cut the first
one up into little pieces.
"The leader of the Fyarl demons ordered the
others to attack, but i asked him why he was defending Mammon and he looked at
"You speak Fyarl?" he asked me in disbelief.
"Well yes" i told him.
"Uganda too, long story. Anyway, why are you protecting this lowlife scum?"
I pointed to Mammon.
"He promised us a portion of the loot, " the Fyarl
"Oh I see,.. well, if you help us, you will get an equal share each
AND live to tell about it, yeah?"
The Fyarl looked at each other and then
turned and charged Mammon, who promptly screamed and vanished in a puff of
Then the Fyarl turned and looked at us. Mic looked in the leaders
eyes for a moment then told him to kill the others.

"Hey, not cool," I told
"What you want to share the booty with all of them?" Michael asked.

At the moment all I could think about was cutting off his head, but I
decided to let it slide as the Fyarl would have probably killed us in our sleep

Inside the vault was tons of gold and treasures, I saw a shiny gold ring that seemed to call to me after filling my bags with gold coins. As I picked it up I noticed that it was gold and had a symbol on the side. The symbol of infinity. Inscribed inside the ring was the word "Eternus" in italics. Nice ring, I thought as I tried it on and although it seemed to be a bit too large for me at first, it fit perfectly. Finders keepers, right? When I put it on, I felt much stronger than before. Later, I learned that the ring not only increased my strength, but it made me almost invulnerable, even to sunlight. I call it the daywalker ring.

We loaded up our bags with treasure and then Mic told the
Fyarl to stay and guard the rest until we got back. Then we left Sunnydale and
headed for home.

I peaked in the Magic Box on the way out, but all that was
there were some torture instruments covered in blood.
It would be good to see
my flat in Santa Monica again I thought...