Friday, December 26, 2014

The Legend of Bloody Willow

My name is Randy Giles.
I am a vampire hunter known for many miles.
My girlfriend Joan and I fight vampires.
She is very strong and seldom tires.

Joan is like a superhero.
Trouble follows her wherever she goes.
They call her the slayer.
The chosen one.

Rupert is her trainer and I am his son.
A vamp with a soul. A noble demon from hell.
Rupert owns a magic shop
In a burb called Sunnydale.

We were on patrol one night my girl Joan and I.
When we heard a scream and ran to literally see who died.
Willow Harris was cornered in the graveyard by some vamps.
When Joan the slayer jumped right in and slayed them like a champ.

When the dust had settled.
We found Willow dying by a grave.
Joan wanted to take her and get help but it was too late.
The only way that Willow could survive that awful night
Was if I turned her from dying teen to dark childe.

So quickly I bit my arm
And let her taste my blood.
And as she died she was reborn
To stalk and prey upon her hood.

Now there's no peace in Sunnydale.
Willow joined Angelis' gang.
It isn't safe to walk the streets at night
Since Bloody Willow came.

But the vampires' days are numbered here.
They soon shall be exiled
By the legendary warrior Joan
And her boyfriend Randy Giles.