Friday, January 30, 2015

Alice in Zombieland

Spike sat on a tombstone in a Santa Monica graveyard and lit up a smoke with his trusty Zippo lighter. He took a drag and let the smoke out slowly. He felt a little stressed and a good drag or two always took the edge off. He was having a little trouble from one of the boys at the chop shop so he was trying to talk himself into not gutting him and tossing the leftovers in the ocean.

As he took another drag, he heard a sound behind him in the distance. A loud shuffling noise. He thought to himself if they were trying to sneak up on him they were doing a terrible job. He sat his cigarette on the edge of a tombstone to get it later while reaching inside his jacket and taking a stake out of a secret pocket.

As the sounds came closer they got louder and Spike whizzed around to face them. Surprised to see a man eating zombie moving towards him, he slipped the stake back into his pocket and walked toward the gate. As he approached the entrance, another zombie was in his path and walking toward him.

As the new zombie moved closer, he took a gun from his coat and shot it promptly between the eyes. as the zombie fell to the ground, the one behind Spike was moving closer, and Spike turned to shoot him too.

"Sorry fella, I almost forgot to give you your gift. Merry Christmas..."

Spike shot the first zombie in the head and it fell to the ground. Then he heard another one coming from the tombstones. "What the bloody hell is going on?" He aimed at the new zombie, then he heard a shot come from the gate. As the zombie fell back, a female voice explained, "The dead are walking."

"Oh really? And who are you?" Spike asked as he looked around to see if there were any more surprises around.

"Name's Alice," the girl said. "I used to work for Umbrella."

"Umbrella? The big pharmaceutical company?"

"The same," said Alice.

"So the walking dead festival is???" asked Spike.

"Umbrella experiments gone awry. Don't worry my team can handle it."


Alice spoke into a mic on her ear. "All quiet here."

Another girl came up to them carrying a gun, cute blonde. Spike thought she looked a bit young to be fighting zombies tho.

"Well, if you've got it controlled," said Spike.

"We've got activity in town. The Asylum is full of walkers," said the young girl.

"Kay," Alice introduced Kay to Spike.

"Spike," he introduced himself to them.

"Its short for K Mart actually," the girl shook Spike's hand. Spike looked puzzled so she explained. "That's where I was when they found me."

"Oh." Spike smiled, pretending to understand.

"Now tell me something Spike," Alice said cocking her guns that she had just reloaded and aiming them both at Spike. "Why do you not have a pulse?"

"Relax, luv. Not one of your walkers here or a bloody lab rat either. Haven't been a lab rat for a long time. Name's Spike, undead Hunter and I am on your side. Don't have any use for the walking dead. I own a chop shop down town and drop by from time to time to collect my share. Not a threat, luv."   

"Can we keep him?" asked K.

"No, and I am watching you vamp," said Alice.   

"Vampire. Haven't seen any of those before," said K.   

"Let's roll out," says Alice as she leads K toward the gate.   

"Mind if I tag along?" asked Spike.      

"Oh, Hell no," said Alice. "Got enough biters to deal with."  

"No worries luv. I don't bite."  Spike smiled. 

"Yeah right," said Alice rolling her eyes.    

"Any way friend of mine owns the Asylum and she asked me to keep an eye on it." Spike walks to his bike. "See you there."  

"Just don't get in my way. blood sucker." said Alice.