Friday, March 27, 2015

Mona Lisa

Bashing in skulls at a local demon club and taking names. probably should let them answer before i hit them again. but i need this.

need to work off some issues and hit something hard. a spot of violence before dinner and a cuppa tea. feels good to feel something again.

demon begging for mercy. ha. like i would even think about it. need to purge this rage.

another demon grabs me from behind and gets me in a choke hold. flip him over my shoulder and bust his face too.

hitting this monster takes me back. to a simpler time. when men were men and warriors were honorable.

another demon hits me from behind with a chair. it shatters. stings for a bit. but the magic potion made me stronger than ever before.

barely noticed that chair as i kept slugging his friend. stinking slime balls

my hands are numb but not bloody. the potion changed me. i could just beat these scum all day and barely feel it.

why did i think it was a potion. no it was a serum... -pounding in three demons faces in a club as the onlookers cheer me on---

it was a serum given to me in that place. what was it called again... THE SHOP... that was it? doctors in white coats. -brains all over now

-repressed memories fill my head as demon brains fly about the room. the phone rings and i stop hitting them and answer- "Hello Gina." Regina is my secretary at Team Spike Investigations.

"What do you mean where have i been? i just talked to you last week." - Regina explained that we last talked three months ago....

the shop held me captive for three months? now i recall. the torture and experiments. the others imprisoned there. They must be stopped. The Shop must fall.

Somewhere between now and three months ago, i ended up in cage. a cell in a lab beneath Geneva. a lab rat at the Shop. they experimented on me for months....

its all coming back now... slowly. why were these memories lost to me...

there was another... another vamp there... an old one... in a white coat... freed me and compelled me to forget...

what was her name?.... Madonna?... Madusa?... Madeline?... Mona! Mona Lisa was her name. That's it... She was a doctor at the shop.... Very old vamp, posing as one of them... working for them... she gave me serums to make me stronger and overcome the garlic and sedatives... she told me how to get out quietly and compelled me to forget about them... Mona is a doctor there... but if she compelled me to forget and now i remember, then she must be... dead...

I remember leaving the lab through the tunnels underneath and then a portal opened to a club in Santa Monica... The Asylum... Jeanette's place... That must be the way back... I need to know if Mona's alive... and i owe the shop an ass kicking...