Friday, January 1, 2016

The Genocide of Castle Rock

"What do you want to call this new reality of yours?" Anya asked Lorne.
"Oh I dont know,... Lorne's World? Lorne Town? Lorne City?" said Lorne.
"Your world. Your Choice," said I.
"I am not so big on naming things... Maybe... Xanadu?" said Lorne.
"Kind of nice. But..." said I.

Lorne put up his hand and began to hum a showtune.... He continued humming for a while and looked as if he was listening for the name of the city to come to him.... Anya began to hum along after a tick or two and the two of them moved closer together...

"The people who used to live here called it Home..." said Lorne.
"Used to live..." said Tara thoughtfully.
"The city was named... Castle Rock once... then all the people died from a plague... no... vaccinations tainted with diseases.... The entire population died of deadly diseases in their vaccines... The leaders wanted to depopulate the planet... They killed some with vaccines and created new viruses to kill others... millions died... some via wars... some via violent crimes... a huge number of the people died via diseases... the few that survived the govenments genocide died from the viruses that had been created by the governors.... there was no cure for the viruses they had perfected to kill the population.... the elite wanted to kill ninety five percent of the world... they killed them all..." Lorne looked sad as he saw the innocent people dying in his vision... "Betrayed by those they trusted to protect them..." said Lorne.
"I dont like that name," said Anya.
"Me either," said Lorne....
"Me either," said Tara...
Harmony put her head on my shoulder as tears rolled down her cheeks.
"So sad..." said Harmony.

"I think I would call it Bayside," said Lorne looking out at the bay on the edge of the city. "That sounds peaceful and serene...."
"Thats nice," said Tara...
"Bayside it is," said I.