Friday, May 6, 2016


They do it every Halloween. A bunch of vamps pay big money to hunt down humans and eat them.
This year, they called it "The Hunger Games" and they called the girls "tributes". Used to be called "Blood Fest" and before that "Kindred Con".

I paid to play this year, but not for the same reason as the others.

They brought out this scantily clad coed and took off her blindfold. Then they cut her lose after she saw all the undeads lined up and waiting to sink their teeth into her. She ran alright; they always run.

After giving her a headstart of thirteen minutes, they fired the gun. The party's host was a businessman in his living years and he only invited the top six bidders to the game. He now goes by the name Dmitri. lol. If i had a nickel for every vamp I've met named Dmitri... Anyway, he came out in his three piece suit and let her go, and then after the headstart he fired the gun and the game was on.

First to find the girl was a vamp who called himself Kraven, fancied himself a great hunter, and dressed like Rambo. Long dreadlocks and camo, you get the idea. So, he cornered the girl by an old oak tree in the woods. Did I mention the games are always in the woods?

Anyhow, he grabs the girl and she is screaming and begging for her life and making lots of noise, so he doesnt even notice when I zip up behind him and stake him. As he turns to dust, the girl screams and begs me not to kill her.

I look into her eyes and compel her to calm down and relax and she does. Then, I hear another one coming and tell her to stay put as I move into the shadows. He calls himself LeStat, lol. If I had a nickel for every vamp I met named LeStat...  

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