Friday, May 29, 2015


She is the light in my sky 
The moon in my night 
She makes the world go around 
Every time she smiles.
she brings me to life 
when i am near her 
i have to stay awhile.  

her hazel eyes and golden locks 
are always on my mind 
cant live without her in my arms 
she is one of a kind  

i know i'll never be the one 
she thinks about at night 
she always has that thought of him 
he's always in her sights  

she thinks about him all the time 
she loves him. no denying 
but i am there for her anyway 
she stole my heart without trying      

i'll never be the one for her 
she'd never take that position 
our relationship is strictly business 
its not for me. its for the mission.