Monday, March 12, 2018

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

like the moon

my love for you
         is like the moon
  shining in the darkness
         and lighting up my life 
let its light shine 
       and keep you warm tonight.

Friday, April 21, 2017


William woke in a bed in a dark room. He felt weak and small and trapped. He could not move. Where was he? How did he get here? What the bloody hell happened? He looked around the dark room, his nightvision was not working but there was a window in the door nearby. A window with bars? and glass? and there was a light on the other side.... The sun was rising and the light from the other side was getting brighter.... He heard footsteps coming towards him from the other side of the door...

The doorknob turned and William heard voices in the distance... The door opened and a man in a white coat came inside with a clipboard and a pen...

Hello William. How are you doing today? Still having the dreams about the vampires and demons?

Williams eyes focused and he looked at the rails on his bed. His wrists were strapped down and his legs too. But something was wrong. something was different... William was a young boy now... strapped in a bed in a psych ward... He was remembering that he had been there for weeks...

William was not the Big Bad. He was just a boy. A delusional child. It had all been just a fantasy world... oh bollocks...

Where am I?

The doctor wrote on his clipboard.
Forgot again? Oh William, you have to give up this fantasy world of yours and come back to reality. Your mother wants you to get better and go back home...

My mother?
William could not believe he was awake. Could his mother be alive? Could he really have imagined everything?

The doctor wrote on his clipboard as the nurse came into the room. She was a nun dressed in white robes and she walked around the bed as the doctor spoke to William.

Your delusions are not real, William. This is the real world. The patients down the hall are not witches or vampires or slayers. This is real. Your name is William and your mother is concerned about you... I had hoped you would show improvement faster than this but some progress is better than none. The nurse will give you something to help you sleep and we will talk in the morning.

The nurse gave William a shot. William looked around and saw her name badge. It said AMANDA...

Sunday, December 18, 2016


She is the sun that brightens my day 
the moon in my night sky 
she is the air that i breathe
 without her i would die

Friday, December 2, 2016

AMBROSIA #fanficfriday

 I took the girls home and called a meeting with the team. Tara, Willow, and Dawn joined us for a special dinner... We had found Dawn in Santa Monica where she had been separated from Faith when she fell through a portal while running from a demon who wanted to eat her heart out... My Santa Monica team found her and sent her to us...

Dawn was from a different dimension than Buffy, but the two felt an instant connection... It felt good to see them together again... Dawn was a Watcher now, training with Giles, in her world, but the tears in their eyes as they hugged each other said everything.... Buffy explained that her sister Dawn in her world had been killed by the demons summoned by the trio.... and Dawn explained that her sister had died to save her from Glory and she had been helping Faith in her world since... She had been raised by Giles and Willow and Tara, but now she was in our world, and her family was gone.... Buffy told her that she was with family now...

"Here, here," says I... "A toast." I raised a glass of wine from the table. "To family."

The others raised there glasses and drank from them...

"Mmm, best wine I ever tasted," says Buffy. "So sweet."

Tara drank her glass down and said it was delicious... The others drank theirs too, as I watched...

"Spike, youre not drinking, Blondie Bear?" Harmony asks me....

"No. not today... I dont deserve it... but all of you do... I hurt you all, and now this will make up for it..."

"What did you do Spike?" Asked Willow...

"What are you talking about, honey?" asked Buffy....

"The wine... its called Ambrosia... nectar of the gods... cures vampires... and makes humans immortal... no one will hurt you again... and if anyone tries I will rip their throats out... "

"Cure?" asked Buffy. "You cured us? Why dont you take it?"

"I done a lot of things in my time. Bad things,... to all of you...  and I am going to earn my redemption..." I sat the wine on the table...  "From here on out, no one can hurt you again...."

"You could have asked." Buffy said....

"You would have said no." I turned to look at her... "You are my world, luv. I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe... I will die for you if need be,,,"

"Well, you did that didnt you? Nothing can kill me now... Now drink up..." Buffy handed me the glass...

"Not yet... Not now..."

A tear rolled down her cheek. "I dont want to lose you again." She told me....

"I will never leave you luv.... You may leave me, but I will never leave you..."
"Damn it. Spike. Drink it..." Buffy looked at me, pleading with her eyes....

"I have a mission too... When the time comes I will... Just not now..."

"Spike, please..." She began to cry so I took her in my arms and kissed her... because she needed it. This woman is my world, and I will die for her....

As I held her in my arms, Darla came into the room and asked, "Is that it?" She pointed to the glass...
I told her it was, and she drank it..."Thanks, Spike... I owe you..."

"Yes you do," 1 told her...  I held Buffy close as she wept on my shoulder... "I will find more, someday..."

Friday, November 4, 2016

GRANDMAMA #FanficFriday

AS the sun began to set, I awoke in my suite with my dead lovers in my arms, Buffy on one side and Harmony on the other... What a beautiful picture this would make I thought, if only I had a camera handy. There's never a camera around when you need one... I lay in bed, enjoying the view for a bit and then the girls awoke and kissed me good morning, or I suppose I should say good evening.... Day sleepers have a whole different perspective on life...

"Good morning, ladies," I told them. "You look lovely today as always..."
They both thanked me and kissed me again and then got up to get dressed. I objected to the idea of course, but they just laughed and picked out some clothes from the closet....

As Harm hopped into the shower, Buffy looked out the hotel window at the empty and dark streets below. "Lets go for a walk, Spikey... What do you say?"

"Sure luv, anything you want, but first, I thought maybe we could go to the Bronze,... for old times sakes." I smiled as she turned to me and smiled...

Later that night, we walked with Lorne to his club, and went outside to walk the streets of Sunnydale again....

The Bronze was packed out with vamps and demons dancing and drinking... The bouncers were big fellows and I doubt that anyone would cross them, but I was curious who had opened up the club again. I danced with Buffy and Harmony for a while, keeping an eye on the bar and the staff, but it was obvious the management was not present in the room... As I went to the boys room, leaving the girls dancing on the floor, I met an old familiar face....

"Well, Darla, as I dont live or breathe, how are you grandmama?" I hugged her welcomingly, and smiled.

"Spike? How have you been? Long time, no see." Darla was dressed to kill in a little plaid skirt and a Catholic school girl outfit. "Remember when you used to tear this outfit off of me,... mmm. memories.... How the Hell are you, lover?.... Heard from Drusilla or Angelis lately?"

"Well no. Not in a long time. You running the club now?"

"Yes I am, baby... you might say I talked the previous owner into giving it to me." She smiled and kissed me. "If you know what I mean..." She stroked my chest and ran her fingers through my hair...

"I think I do, luv." I smiled at her...

"Well, I have business to tend to, lover, Keep in touch, handsome." Darla kissed me good bye and went to the back room, apparently unphased by her previous death in LA or her return to Sunnydale... How did she get back into Sunnydale any way? Definitely something to talk about next time... but tonight, I have two gorgeous girls to entertain and a whole night ahead of us. The interviews can wait....

Friday, October 7, 2016

Buffy the Vampire #FanficFriday

Spike came to the door with a bottle of bourbon. he took a big swig, and then he toasted Buffy. kick his ass.

Buffy was enjoying tormenting the trio. they had put her through a lot of shit the past few weeks and now it was their turn. Tara bit Jonathan and drank some of his blood.

"mmm. thats yummy." she said playfully.

"look at your daughter, feeding for the first time, Spikey," Buffy smiled at Spike.

Spike laughed at Buffy and Tara tormenting the trio. "Dont play with your food," he told Tara jokingly.

Jonathan screamed for help. but he couldnt escape. Willow turned and walked outside. getting a little sick from all the bloodletting.

"whats wrong will? cant stomach sweet revenge?"
Spike asked.

"no its cool. torture them all you want..."

"just dont turn them, luv." Spike told his new dark childe. "they could give vamps a bad name... "

Buffy walked up to Spike, she loved seeing him all playful like this. Buffy hugged spike and kissed him. "did i ever tell you how sexy you are?" she asked.

"who? me? sexy?... nah... i'm just another vamp, luv. you are the sexy one." spike kissed her. then Buffy wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back. she smiled at spike. then she glanced at Tara, who was biting Andrew now.

"oh God! oh God!" Andrew cried. "please dont kill me... "

"Dont kill them love," Spike told Tara. "we cant torture them once theyre dead." Spike took another sip of his bourbon. then he called to warren. "i told you payback was a bitch.... "

buffy smiled at spike lovingly. then she wrapped her arms around his neck. and looked into his eyes. spike rubbed his nose against hers, and kissed her on the cheek. "love you," he whispered softly in her ear.

Tara was feeding on Warren now. and Willow was in the parking lot, puking.

"now now, will." said spike. "its not your blood."

"i know," said willow. "i know..."

"nothing like a spot of violence to make a bloke thirsty," said spike, taking another sip of his bourbon.

"they had their fun. now its our turn." said Buffy... thoughtfully Buffy asked spike. "turn me too?"

"what?" asked spike. "suddenly everyone wants to join the club. i should charge for my services," Spike chuckled and took another sip of his bourbon. "o sweet nectar of the gods," he said.

"speaking of necks," whispered Buffy. "turn me darling, i want to be with you forever...."

"Forever? thats a long time, luv.... "

"i know," said Buffy kissing him passionately. "and theres no one i'd rather share eternity with than you.... "

"thats so beautiful," said willow looking inside. she saw Tara consumed with bloodlust and saw the blood all over her face. she saw Tara lick the blood from Warren's neck. then she ran back to the parking lot to puke again.

"you turned Tara. why not me?" Buffy asked him.

"have you thought about what you're asking?"
asked Spike.

"thought about it for over a week." she said frowning. "how long did Tara think about it?"

"two weeks," said spike.

"then youll turn me next week?" Buffy asked.

"that what you want?" asked Spike.

"yes. it is." Buffy kissed Spike again, and again. slowly and tenderly, moving closer to him. and closer. then she kissed him on the neck, and whispered "Bite me lover... "

Spike was a little woozy by all the bourbon and a lot turned on by the gorgeous slayer in his arms. he kissed her neck gently and felt her hands running over his back and chest. he felt her lips caress his neck lovingly. "O spike," she whispered. "i love you so. promise me forever?" she asked.

Spike kissed her neck again. he could smell the sweet blood of her jugular. he could feel the touch of her fingertips. he could hear her begging him for immortality. he remembered what a horrid existence it was for him to be human. he remembered how emancipating it was to become an immortal. he thought of spending eternity with his one true love. "o Spike," she moaned. "turn me, then we can be together forever." he kissed her neck and smelled the aroma of her perfume. he kissed her again. he felt her sucking on his neck. it was an arousing sensation to say the least. he kissed her on the neck and sucked on the tasty flesh.

Buffy moaned again. "o spike. give me forever." she cried out. he didnt really notice as the fangs pierced her flesh, he was caught up in the passion of the moment. he sucked her neck to turn her on. "O Spike," she moaned.

Spike tasted the sweet taste of blood in his throat and for a moment he thought he was dreaming. then he heard Buffy moan and he felt her buckle at the knees. she was passing out. Spike pulled away from her, realizing that he had been feeding on her. he checked her vitals and knew that he had gone too far. Buffy was dying.

"O my god," shouted willow. "Get off her you monster." Willow cast a spell and threw Spike across the room. tossing him into a mirror. the mirror cut his arm. Spike jumped up and ran back to Buffy. he knew he only had seconds to save her now. he put his arm to her lips and let some blood spill down her throat. She began to drink.

"what are you doing?" Willow was getting angry. her eyes turned dark and she began to chant.

"no will, i have to turn her or she will die." Spike backed away as willow threw fireballs at him.

he backed into the next room. "will its for her own good."

Willow came to the doorway. the wind outside had picked up and the windows in the room burst in. the wind knocked spike down and slammed the door to the room shut. willow came through the door in a ghostly form still chanting. she threw fireballs and lightning at spike, burning him badly. the wind picked up and tore his skin. lightning flashed in the sky outside and a small tornado formed outside the room. the tornado was getting bigger when Buffy came into the room. Blood still on her chin.

"its ok will. i'm ok now. see." the winds ceased and the tornado vanished.

"o god, Buffy. youre alive!" Willow grabbed Buffy and hugged her. "thank god," she whispered. then she turned angrily to spike. "and you," she said. the wind picked up again.

"its ok, will. i asked him to bite me ok. he did nothing wrong, sweetie. "

"you asked him to... "

"yes, i want to be a vampyre so we can be together forever. now i'm immortal see... "

"o... ok... if thats what you want.... my bad... "

willow looked confused and upset and felt a little betrayed. she was surrounded by vampires. and two of them were her friends.

"uh, sorry spike, i guess.... "

spike got up and stormed out of the room, he went outside to his bike. his bourbon had been spilled and he was very thirsty now...

"see you later, Buffy."

Spike left on the bike. Buffy turned to willow. "sorry," said willow meekly...