Friday, October 30, 2015


ONE morning I got a call from Regina, my assistant at Pratt Corp., to meet Bailey at my Santa Monica office. Which was at the Asylum, a dance club I had bought interest in. Bailey was one of the leaders of my Cincinnati Team led by the enchanting witch Jennifer.
        The two of them were loyal as any Childer could be, and they often do me favours like when they got controlling interest in a local radio station there which they now run and split the profits with me.

While their day job is quite profitable, the Cincinnati team does rather well as highly paid assassins of demons and monsters who attack innocents... You might call them the Cincinnati ghost busters without Slimer....   I call them Team Bailey....

When I took the elevator back to Santa Monica, it opened to the Asylum elevator. Not surprising since Lorne was rather fond of dancing and probably had some business dealings with Jeanette, the club owner... When I got the call from Bailey to meet up, I directed her to the club and ordered a bottle of Bourbon. I took the bottle and went up the stairs to a loft over the bar and watched all the vamps and goths and ghouls dancing on the dance floor below....
Some of you are asking what a ghoul is right about now.... You see, a ghoul is human that wants to be a vampire so they do favours for them and let them feed off them until the master decides to turn them... kind of like vampire groupies... 

Bailey and Jennifer were at a convention one night in Cincinnati when they were attacked by biters and left to die, I happened upon them just in time and gave them some vampire blood to heal them, but as we left the room to take them back to their own rooms, the vamps who had drained them saw us and shot them both killing them, and turning them, due to the vitae in their systems.... By the time they were reborn... I had ripped the three vamps who killed them to shreds and bled them dry... They turned to dust before the girls eyes and I had to teach the girls how to live the life of the undead... The Danse Macabre we call it.... 

As Jen was a powerful witch before she died, she was able to create daywalker rings for all of us and  still supplies all my operatives with magical items for a fee. Today, she was sending me a care package of magical gizmos and such, that included some magic flasks that fill with fresh blood every time you close them, A handy tool for the vamps I employ to protect the innocents. Bailey handed me a flask with my initials engraved on it with a smile.... 

"Why thank you, luv... It's lovely..." says I. 
"I was going to order you one custom made, but Jennifer wanted to make it herself. She says, it is bonded to you, so you can  find it any time you are separated from it... Some kind of tracking spell or something..." says Bailey... 
"I love it. Thank you very much, my dear. How are things in Ohio?" asks I. 
"Good, good, we just collected about ten thousand in bounties this month, and the radio ads are selling well too... I deposited your share in the usual account as always..." says she.   
"Marvelous, you girls are the best, keep up the good work." says I. 
"Also, Jennifer bought some other stations out and increased our revenue by about 300 percent. They started a company to over see all the stations and Jennifer is the CEO. She calls it DarkChilde Radio. You are the major stockholder and Chairman of the Board, of course. This is a copy of the documents and list and addresses of the Directors." says she. 
"Oh, luv. Just email me a copy and put the paperwork on my desk will you..." says I. 
"Very good, sir," says she. "I'll see to them personally."   
"Actually, you know what? Get with Gina and have DarkChilde brought in as a subsidiary of Pratt Corp,," says I. 
"Very well, I will coordinate a meeting with Gina and Jennifer and see to it that's done, sir." says she. 
"Oh, and Bailey,... call me William, please" says I.   
"Very well,... William," says she, and that's how DarkChilde Radio Corp. was born... 

Sunday, October 11, 2015


New book of poetry by a certain undead poet for a certain beautiful woman.... if you like that sort of thing... 


Always looking for new finds for you luvs 
The Doctor