Friday, December 25, 2015

The Legend of Witch Hazel

Thing about magic. There's always consequences. Always... I know i sound like a dungeon master, but it's true... When we told Tara about this pocket universe that Lorne had won in a poker game, she looked worried. When Anya asked her what was wrong, she stood up and looked out the window... Then she said that every pocket universe had a hell dimension on the other side with a veil between them. If the door between the two worlds opens, the hell dimension takes over.

"So we dont let anyone open the door, right?" asks Anya.   
"No, we have to make sure no one ever opens the portal," said Tara.   
"So every universe has a hell mouth?" asked Harmony.    
"Yes. They all start out that way... until the hell mouth opens." said Tara. 
"Well, Spike wont let that happen," said Harmony.   
"We wont let that happen," said Lorne. "All my employees have a room here. It helps them out that they dont have to live in the Hell dimension the club is in... Hey, maybe I can open it here instead.... No wait, no customers."    
"You just keep your employees out of the loop about this hell mouth. We'll locate it. keep it closed," said I.     

And with that said, Team Tara began to search the city outside for its hell mouth. Tara, Anya, Harmony and I looked all around the town for any signs of a portal to hell. When we got to a chapel in the center of town Anya, Harmony, and I felt the need to go inside... Down the stairs... in the basement... was a floor that seemed to radiate dark magicks.  
"There it is...." Tara said. 
"Now what do we do?" asked Anya.  
"We need to keep it hidden from the rest of the city," said Tara.   
"Can you do that?" asked Harmony   
"I think so," said Tara, "I can make the door to the basement go away, but what do we do about the hell mouth calling to the demons?"    
"We will have to keep other demons out of here some how," said I.  
"What did the smurfs do to keep Gargamel away from the village?" asked Anya.  
I tried not to laugh, but it was difficult... 
"Yeah, I can try that next. Will take a while..." said Tara. 
"Take all the time you need. We have your back," said I.   

Tara used a glamour spell to hide the doorway and the team went to work... researching spells to keep the location of the hell mouth a secret... Magical guardians were created to keep people away and designed to look like monks. To the average joe it was just another church with a graveyard, but we knew what it really was. And a congregation was formed when witches began meeting there every week to strengthen the spells that keep the hell mouth hidden. The coven got the nick name of Tara's Angels. 

After much study and spell casting, one of the coven passed out, and the group checked on her. Suddenly, she woke up. Her eyes were blacked out and they could tell she was possessed...

"I am the gatekeeper. Bring me the key," she said.
"No, we won't," said Tara.
"You cannot stop us. We are legion..." said the girl. Her name was Hazel. She had long black hair that was slowly turning grey.  
"You cannot open the gate without the key." Tara was not going to budge.
Hazel began to have trouble breathing and her hair was greying fast. "This one will die by morning, if we are not set free." She said....
"Who are you?" asked Tara.
"The devil," said Hazel. "Free me or die."
"Never," said Tara as the coven surrounded the girl.
"Your magicks are no match for us," said Hazel. "Release us before its too late."
Tara began to chant a spell of protection and the others joined her. Hazel screamed...
Her head appeared to turn all the way around and she began to foam at the mouth.... She rose into the air as the coven chanted faster....
"Release us or die," shouted the girl...
"If you kill her, you lose any chance of ever getting out," said Tara.
Hazel screamed and flung her arms in the air as blood began to flow from her nose and mouth....
Tara chanted a spell to release the demon and bind its power, as Hazel begged her for help....
"Tara please. Help me.... Please dont let them kill me...." said Hazel.

Anya went to the storage room and came back with a small stone... She began to chant a spell to Hazel too, and Hazel screamed as the demon was slowly ripped from her body and trapped in the stone. Hazel fell to the floor and the others rushed to her to help her, but it was too late. Hazel was gone...
She was a freed spirit now, and the demon in her was trapped in a rune stone...

Tara and the others began to weep for her, but her spirit came unto them and told them not to cry for her. She was free now.

Tara told her that they would find a spell to get her back in her body, but Hazel just laughed and told them to keep it. She flew away through the wall and disappeared and the coven could not find her.... They cast a spell to preserve her body until they could re unite them. Hazel never came back for the spell and never asked to be put back... Some criminals turned themselves in to police for years after that claiming that they were being haunted by a witch until they confessed....

Spells were cast by the coven to turn away any demonic spirits that might happen by and the coven continued to meet there to keep the locks in place...

The demon remained trapped in the stone for years and kept locked away in the secret basement of the church in a vault we put there just to keep supernatural dangers in. The demon was not heard from again until... well, that is another story....