Friday, March 4, 2016

The Return of Bloody Willow

When rumours of a hellmouth opening in Chicago came to the team, we went there to find it and close it, but there was no hellmouth there or whatever had been there was closed up... We did find something though. Hiding from the sunlight in an office until nightfall, i could sense an undead biter in an office filled with the scent of blood....
As i entered through the broken door, i could smell the seared flesh, and the scent of bloodshed. Inside the office, my visions were confirmed, bodies lying all about covered in blood. the bodies. the walls. the red rooms. the scent of death.... 
There was someone else there still.... i could hear them moving in the back room.... i walked back to them.... and then i heard her... asking who was there.... 
"Willow? is that you???"   
"Spikey?" she said stepping out into the hallway, dropping the last of the corpses to the floor... "You are here too?... Where are we, luv??? Some portal opened in Hell, and i walked out.... to here..." Willow motioned to the surroundings... "The sun was up and i had to break through the door to get inside... Then there was all these people.... and its been so long since i ate... there are no people in vampire hell spike, just an endless eternity of thirst, and death, you can smell the blood but.... hey youre not my Spike,... you didnt come through with us... youre not from my hell.... where am i? who are you???" 
"i could ask you the same, luv.... youre not the Will i know either... how did you get here?" 
"i was in hell, vampire hell... and xander was there and darla,... and you... not you the other you.... a Spike from Sunnydale..." 
"You sound a bit like Dru, Will... how did you get here?" 
"Oz...he killed me and sent me to that place... and then yesterday this portal opened... a door to... here... where am i Spike?"  
"Chicago... and you say Oz offed you... Wait, werent you the Masters favorite???" 
"Yes i was... and i earned it.... after Darla died he was so sad.... i made him feel better. Want me to show you?" Vampire Willow put her arms around me and kissed my neck, pressing against me... 
"Oh i think i get it... Where was this portal at?" 
"Across the street. opened in the wall... " Will was groping me by now and kissing me on the cheek. I wondered if this portal was the same one that i had left Geneva through... and could i get back to the Shop through it... 
"Nice jacket, Spike, can you get me one of those?" Willow pushed me against the wall and began to dry hump me as she licked my neck and ear... Then Anya came in and pulled her off of me... "What the hell are you doing here?" she asked Will... "We sent you back,..." 
"Yeah and just in time to get me staked through the back... Where's your little puppy Willow at? I am thirsty..."    
"How did she get here, Spike?" asked Anya. 
"She came through a portal to whatever reality she was in and then it closed. Did anyone else come through with you Will?"   
"A few other vampires, didnt know most of them." Willow rubbed against Anya who frowned and moved away. 
"Randy little biter arent you?... Did you know any of them that came through?" 
Willow looked bored. "Just Xander.... and Tara... and Spike... miss them." Willow looked out the window at the setting sun...   
Anya frowned. "Bad scoobies on the loose." Anya created a fire ball to throw at Will. 
"Wait a tick, Anya. Maybe she can help us round up her friends. What do you say Willow?"  
"Why would i do that William?" Willow asked with a smirk.   
"Because its our way or the highway to Hell. That's why." said Anya. 
Willow runs for the door but i beat her to it, and grab her hands and pin them behind her back. "Don't go luv. Stay awhile. We were getting along so well." 
"You seem to think i would let you stake me William..." Willow turns around and strokes my chest, looking at me longingly.   
"Again, you mistake me for the other Spike." I snap her neck and drop her to the ground. "If she runs again, Anya, blast her." 
Anya waits patiently for Willow to rise again, then when she does, Anya aims at her.... 
"Go ahead. See if i give a rats ass," says Willow.    
"Make you a deal, Willow. You help me, we'll give you all the blood you need and let you live." 
She gives me a dirty look. "Help you track down my friends? I don't think so." 
"I'll give them the same choice as you." i tell her.   
"Well, i guess its a little better than Hell." she says looking around. "Okay. But you better not hurt my Xanda bear..." 
"Xanda bear," Anya mocks her.   
"Gone back to Team Vengeance huh, An?" asks Willow.   
"No, I am strictly Team Spike now, Willow." says Anya with a smirk. Anya had been a vengeance demon once but left to become human, but after dying in Sunnydale, she made a deal with the Order of Ren to be a demon again. And now she works for us.   
Anya casts a spell that creates a compass that can detect vampires and hands it to me. "This will find them, William, we dont need her." Anya says.   
I open the compass and look at it... It points to the northwest. The sun is down now and Willow runs out the door and disappears.    
"Knew we couldnt trust her," says Anya. 
"So did I," I told her handing her the compass. Get the team together and follow us, I told her, then I followed Bloody Willow at super speed. She will lead me to the others and then i can send them back to the Hell they came from....

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