Friday, February 12, 2016

The number 23 --- A recent chat with Dawnie.

Oh... I'm old af.. so yeah. Lol
You know I'm old?
well of course dear... its been a while since the big gaping canyon at Sunnydale... i dont actually age, but i like it that way...
I'm almost 23 Spike. ~Giggles~
one of my favorite numbers... its magical you know...
It is?
How so?
do you know what pink is? Red 27,white 65. 65 plus 27,92. 'pink' has 4 letters, 92 divided by 4, 23
Pink is my favourite colour?
pink is 23. you see?
Be sure your sin will find you out. - Numbers 32: 23
look at the house number of my flat... 23
the street its on 32nd Street
look at the time on the clock
12 23
Oh. ~Nods ~
oh wait i need to set that...
Who needs time.
every day i wake up at 230. why?
Because the number 23
9 11 add it up you get eleven three numbers two ones 23
you see the magic?
I do!
you were born almost 23 years ago... 19 what? 92???
I was created only like 9 years ago though.
1 and 9 is ten. 9 and 2 is eleven. two numbers add them up... 21 add the two you get 23...
23 minus 9?
14 from 9 is 5... 5 and 9 is 14... 14 and 9 are 23
Okay okay. Spike. I get it!
how old were you when you were created? 14... you see?
I was 14
Yes so I'm lucky!
yes... you are very lucky
lucky to be so sweet and pretty and have me for a friend